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Frequently Asked Questions

Engraving Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

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What should I put on my tag?

General Tips:

  • MOST IMPORTANT! The more information you put on your tag the smaller the fonts will be.  Keep it short. 
  • Zip codes are generally not necessary.
  • If the type of tag allows it, consider using both sides.  Put your pets name on one side (listed as 'optional back' on ordering form) and your contact info on the other.
  • Many times pets or people wear more than one tag.  You can separate your information and use two tags.
  • Colored tags show engraving better than stainless steel and brass tags.
  • All our products are custom made for you.  We engrave your product how you type it!  That means upper and lowercase matters. Names look great all upper case.  General contact info looks good with upper and lowercase.
  • Do not request special characters or symbols, (i.e., Greek symbols), without checking with us first.
  • You can choose to have bold font on certain tags.  (See examples at bottom of page).  If you have a lot of information on your tag, standard font looks better.  Bold is a nice addition to our GI Military Dog tags.
  • Bold font helps engraving show better on brass and stainless steel tags. (Recommended). Stainless steel tags do not show contrast when engraved; this is a normal condition.  If you would like the engraving to be a contrasting color choose a colored tag.
  • Brass will oxidize and show a nice patina over time but it is a very soft metal and will wear quickly.  
  • Engraving will be centered top to bottom and left to right as best as possible.
  • We include a split ring with pet tags, a ball chain with pendant tags and a plastic strap with luggage tags.  If you purchase a tag and want a particular type of fastener instead of what's included, let us know in the 'Special Instructions' box during checkout.  You may also purchase other types of fasteners on our 'Accessories' page.
  • If you plan to purchase a GI Military Tag Silencer remember they will only fit a large GI Tag.
  • Our ball chains can easily be cut for shorter lengths to accommodate children.
  • If your only engraving one side of your pet tag consider purchasing a reflective safety dot on our 'Accessories' page.  
  • For medical tags remember that to much information may be confusing during an emergency.  Use both sides if possible. 
  • For shoe tags being used for children, put personal information on one side only and engrave the other side with a medical emblem or 'ICE'. 
  • We do not stamp our tags or use only one size font.  Each tag is personally laid out and engraved to your specifications.  If you want something specific or have questions please email us.
  • If you are ordering ten or more tags you may be eligible for a discount.  Email us. 
  • Double check your order for any spelling mistakes.  We will engrave what you type!


The best and fastest way to contact us is by email or our 'Contact" page.

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